Punjab Emergency Service rescued 174,82,55 emergency victims in 2022

LAHORE    -   The Secretary Emergency Services Dr Rizwan Naseer said that Rescue 1122 rescued over 174,82,55 emergency victims while responding to 1536638 emergencies during the year 2022, while maintaining its average response time of seven minutes and standard in all districts of Pun­jab. The data showed 21.7 percent increase in the number of emergencies as compared to previous year 2021. He was presiding over an Annual Per­formance-2022 review meeting, which was held at Emergency Services Headquarters here on Saturday. The meeting was attended by all Head of Wings of Emergency Services Headquarters & Academy. The Secretary was briefed about all Punjab rescue operations i.e. road traffic crashes, medical, fire, Structural collapse, crime, drown­ing, fall from height/slip, snake emergencies, de­livery and others miscellaneous emergencies. At this occasion, Provincial Monitoring Cell briefed Secretary Emergency Services that 369564 Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs) took place across the Pun­jab in 2022, whereas 364030 RTCs were reported in 2021 with an increase of 1.5%. Similarly, 26477 fire incidents were reported in all 36 districts of Punjab in 2022 whereas 20810 cases of fires were reported in 2021 with increase of 27 percent. Rescue 1122 managed 940591 medical emer­gencies in 2022, whereas the Service responded to 715191 medical emergencies in 2021 with in­crease of 31.5 percent. Furthermore, the Punjab.

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