Four petrol pumps sealed for creating artificial dearth

LAHORE – City district government authorities sealed four petrol pumps in the city and registered cases against their owners on the allegations of overcharging and creating a so-called shortage of petroleum products on Sunday after recommendations made by Ogra to decrease the prices of petroleum products.It is worth-mentioning here that after recommendations of Ogra to cut petrol prices by Rs 5.02 per liter, diesel Rs 2.48, HOBC Rs 6.44, kerosene oil Rs 2.54 and prices of high speed diesel by Rs 2.86 per liter, the consumers faced shortage of petroleum products on Sunday.As a decrease in prices of petroleum products was likely, the owners of filling stations did not purchase new stock during last days of June, revealed a survey conducted by TheNation. After decrease in prices of petroleum products the new rate of petrol became Rs 84.49 per litre, high octane Rs 106.79, kerosene oil Rs 86.25, high speed diesel Rs 97.01 and the price of light diesel became Rs 83.71.Though it was Sunday and most of the offices, schools and city markets were closed, the shortage created inconvenience for the citizens who came out on roads on their motorcycles. Magistrates on the direction of DCO Lahore remained vigilant and raided different filling stations of the city and sealed four of them in Gulshan-e-Ravi and Samanabad areas. The staff of majority of the filling stations claimed that the dearth was caused by a short supply of petrol. On the other hand, the City District Government Lahore (CDGL), which had earlier announced to launch a crackdown on filling stations refusing to sell petrol, played their role but even then citizens were finding it difficult to get fuel. The shortage of petroleum products has also become a regular feature of the provincial capital especially in the last two days of the month with majority of the petroleum dealers avoid placing orders if there is a chance of decrease in POL prices. On the other hand, in case of a raise in POL products, the petroleum dealers also close down their sales on the last day of the month to sell their products on high rates. 

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