Today’s generation is suffering from myriads of detrimental and virulent issues among which mental ailment is the leading, paramount and inextricable one. It is devouring the youth of today inwardly: inciting them to take horrendous and deadly steps to end their lives. Taking about the Pakistanis youth, they have been entrapped and stranded with a spate of malicious turmoils:- inter alia include, social, economic and academics. Due to these draconian ordeals, they relinquish everything and choose to commit suicidal and criminal acts which obviously hampers the progression of any society. As far as mental health treatment is concerned, the Pakistan government has totally failed to provide better treatment to those who lose their mental stability due to these mentioned issues.

Socially and economically, the youth of today’s is facing and confronting critics, unemployment and pervasive inflation heap which renders them paralyzed and convulsed to live in such an ambience. The suicide rate in Pakistan is ramping up rapidly day by day. Simultaneously, crime rate is mounting at an unprecedented level in Pakistan. Briefly, there is a need for drastic and primordial steps from the government to put an end to these gruesome issues in the country. Suicidal and criminal acts are the product of mental instability and ailment. There is a need for well-trained therapists who can treat youth best to recover from mental disorders.