PayPal: Need of the hour

PayPal is first and foremost the entail of Pakistani freelancers. Prior to a couple of days, there had been a slant on social media regarding the initiation of PayPal in Pakistan. The app offers online payment services in most countries that support online money transfers and provide an electronic substitute to traditional paper systems, namely cheques and money orders.

Furthermore, the freelancers for whom online earning is the only source of income have been longing for access to PayPal since its creation. Subsequently, it is lamenting that the organisation has not affirmed Pakistan on its line of enrolled nations after the entry of the top-of-the-line exchanging medium named Amazon in Pakistan.

A report uncovered by a private institute claimed that PayPal is providing its services in several countries which are economically diminished, including Somalia, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe as well. How astonishing and ridiculous is that Sri Lanka, a bankrupted country, is getting facilitated by PayPal services while Pakistan, which was successful in notching the fourth spot on the list that assessed the nations in terms of freelancing, is deprived of these services.

Agonizing is the situation of those online workers who work hard without considering day and night to make bread and butter and are compelled by international finance-based organisations to pay booming taxes to be remunerated for their backbreaking work.

All things considered, the government of Pakistan ought to consider this grave matter. The Ministry of Information and Technology should take firm stands and steps to make PayPal accessible in Pakistan.



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