ISLAMABAD    -    The extra-ordinary General Council meeting of Rawalpindi Islamabad Sports Journalists Association (RISJA) has elected new president after the council mebers showed no-confidence in Afzal Javed.

Acting president Arif Mehmood chaired the meeting while Patron Shakil Awan and Secretary Yasir Nazar conducted the meeting at Pakistan Sports Complex, Media Centre. 26 council members were present on the occasion. The three-member committee formed under the chair of Nasir Aslam Raja with Mohsin Ijaz and Rizwan Dhilon as members presented their report about corruption charges and other allegations levelled against President Afzal Javed and vice president Zeeshan Qayyum. Nasir informed the house that Zeeshan presented before him and denied all the allegations against him while he went to meet Afzal and ask him to present his version but Afzal refused to accept any committee and said he will only be answerable to RISJA executive committee.

Nasir in its findings cleared Zeeshan from charges and request the chair to give more time to Afzal to clarify his position. But the entire general council with absolute majority refused to give Afzal further time and termed his attitude as highly unprofessional and requested the acting president to go for voting on no-confidence motion, which was tabled against Afzal on May 29th. All the members gave vote against Afzal during the voting.

Shakil Awan then started proceedings of fulfilling the vacant posts, for senior vice president slot, which fell vacant due to Zahid Yaqoob’s resignation. Zahid Awan returned unopposed as no one filed papers against him while Rozina Ali was elected unopposed as vice president. For president slot, Arif Mehmood, who is the vice president of RISJA was nominated by few members. Mohsin Ali proposed Mohsin Ijaz for the slot but Mohsin Ijaz refused. Then Mohsin Ali was asked to accept the responsibility and all the council members back the move. Shakil declared Mohsin Ali elected as President till December 31st this year.