DPO bans entry of touts in police stations

BAHAWALPUR - Bahawalpur District Police Officer (DPO) Mohammad Faisal Kamran has banned the entry of touts in police stations and warned of stern action if anyone found visiting police stations. He had issued a list of touts through which he had banned their entry and ordered to post list outside the police stations.

He said that touts or informers, have become a major source of earning an extra buck for policemen as they have been playing a role in getting cases registered, patronising organised crimes like drug-pushing, gambling and brothels.

He said this while addressing the police officers and personnel during the inspection of Derawar Police Station. DPO further said that police should behave people with politeness and no complaint of misbehaving with people would be tolerated. Law-breaking police officers would be locked up in criminal proceedings in the same police station where they had illegally detained or tortured someone.

He told that there were clear and unequivocal orders of Punjab IG Inam Ghani that police stations should be made Darul Aman for law enforcers and Dar Al-Hisab for law breakers.

Private torture cell was tantamount to bullying in the name of law.  Those who did so had no place in the department but their place would be jail, DPO Muhammad Faisal Kamran said.  He told that police stations were the home and stronghold of law thus the soft image of police must go into the society. If public complaints based on lawlessness started coming about the police stations, it created a negative impression about the police.  And the gulf between the police and public began to widen, he said.

The law had given powers to the police to protect the lives and property of the people, their misuse was in itself an unforgivable violation of the law, he said, adding that those who are notorious in the society for police touts are the ones who actually tarnish the face of the police in police stations and police offices across the district.  Entry of “touts” has been banned. For public awareness, the lists of people with notoriety of “touts” should be updated and posted outside the police stations.

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