PESHAWAR - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Wednesday said that his PTI party would eventually undertake its second long march towards Islamabad with planning in line with the guidelines of the apex court which were being awaited.

Addressing a social media conference in Peshawar, the former PM said that the PTI had approached the Supreme Court by filing a plea to ensure its democratic right of holding a peaceful protest.

Imran Khan said that supremacy of law was imperative for protection of people’s rights. A society made progress when every individual, especially the weak ones got speedy justice, and that was why his struggle was focused on the supremacy of law and elimination of corruption, he added.


The PTI chairman said it was a defining moment for the people to come forward fearlessly for the cause and objectives of the creation of Pakistan. He cited the example of British, who with the strength of 4,000 had ruled the united India by creating fear among the local people.


He also said that his party had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking its protection, and he would announce the date for the next march to Islamabad as soon as the apex court rules on the matter.


Imran said he wanted the Supreme Court to grant protection to the PTI’s march and answer whether Pakistanis have the fundamental right to hold a peaceful protest.

He highlighted the way the federal and Punjab governments had responded to the PTI’s recent Azadi March on May 25 by “firing [tear gas] shells and wrongfully using Punjab police” and said this was why the party wanted a ruling from the SC.

“As soon as their decision comes, I will announce [the date for the next march] and we will leave [for the capital].” The PTI chairman said the party’s planning would be better this time. “After (earlier) Supreme Court ruling, we believed that the path would be clear and no one would be picked up. We will not repeat the mistakes,” he added.

In his speech, Imran also exhorted party workers to continue their struggle against “criminals”, telling them that what they were doing was “jihad, and not politics”.

“The violent, barbaric way in which shelling was done ... law enforcement agencies do not do this violence on their own people. Only criminals do this.”

Pakistan’s biggest problem was injustice, he said, adding that citizens would have to get their right through jihad. “This is the most important time for the nation. If we defeat them (the incumbent government), Pakistan will progress. And if we do not, then your children will have to fight this war.”

The PML-N-led coalition government was “threatening people and scaring them”, he alleged and claimed that according to evidence collected by the PTI, the shells fired at party supporters were “the ones used only against terrorists”.  The PTI chief called on his supporters to defeat the fear, saying, “I do not fear anything because I believe we are fighting this war for our [future] generations.”