Sindh govt to launch crackdown against property tax defaulters

Sindh government decided to launch a crackdown on individuals and entities who have failed to fulfill their tax obligations by the deadline.

To address the issue of unpaid property taxes, a meeting was held under the leadership of the Additional Chief Secretary of Sindh Local Government, Najam Ahmed Shah, in which the meeting members decided to launch a crackdown against the entities failed to filed their tax by June 30.

According to the provisions of the Sindh Urban Property Tax Act 1958, strict measures will be implemented, including the confiscation and auction of properties to ensure the abidance. This step aims to not only enforce tax payment but also serve as a deterrent against future tax evasion.

Najam Ahmed Shah, while addressing the media, emphasized the government’s determination to streamline the collection process of Sindh urban property taxes, adding that, the efforts will be made to overcome any obstacles or complexities that may hinder the smooth collection of taxes.

He stated that the government will take strict action against those who violate the law and evade their tax responsibilities.

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