Versatile heated gloves consist of one or a combination of more warm and durable materials that work as the primary layer of insulation against the cold. Nylon, fleece, leather, lycra, cotton, and/or polyester are generally used as glove materials. They also incorporate batteries as known as warmers, and a charger. The warmers work to keep the extremities warm according to the user’s preferences as heat dilates the blood vessels and regulates the blood flow through them. Small wires are woven in the gloves and connected to the battery that allows the passage of electric current through the surface of the glove. The charging cord allows the users to recharge the gloves to use the next time they’re going out in cold. A power switch is given to switch on and off the heating as required. Fingertips of the gloves are specifically designed to enable them to operate touchscreen devices. Several other supporting features are introduced to ensure ease and convenience for the user in different situations. The gloves are meant to be versatile so as not to interrupt the daily-life activities of the user.

The idea is to create versatile heated gloves that provide warmth to the hands. The gloves will have a built-in temperature control system for the user to adjust the temperature as he or she wishes. During the design and manufacturing, it will be kept in mind to keep the gloves as thin as possible so the thickness of the gloves does not hinder the movements of fingers. This will ensure the versatility for the user to carry out his or her normal chores while wearing the heated gloves. The user will also be able to use touchscreen devices with their heated gloves on.

The components used in the gloves will be two nichrome wires for heating element, one for each glove, batteries, connectors, wire harness for each glove, a temperature controller or a thermostat in each glove, charging cord, and glove material for which lycra and fleece will be the great options. The stretchy lycra will keep the gloves thin enough to allow for the movement of hands and fingers whereas the fleece on the inside shall provide a warm insulating layer to the hands. Fleece also feels soft on the inside making the user feel comfortable while wearing gloves and performing different tasks. To make the fingertips of the gloves, copper yarn is utilized to build a capacitive technology.

Although calcium channel blockers and vasodilator drugs are taken by people with such conditions, they are always not accessible to everyone. There needs to be handy solution providing relief to the individual on the go. Our gloves can be used by literally anyone in the cold weather without interrupting their chores.