Malam Jabba’s snow blanketed as tourists throng hilly stations in Pakhtunkhwa

MALAM JABBA  -  Malam Jabba, the famous skiing resort of Swat was snow blan­keted on Friday after receiving heavy snowfall that attracted tourists and adventure sports lovers in droves. Besides Kalam, Madain and Bahrain, the upper Swat has received moderate to heavy snowfall that continued lashing the hilly stations turn­ing the weather cold and muggy due to torrential rains contin­ued since last night. Following the Met Office’s forecast report of rains and snowfalls over the hills in upper/central parts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa including Swat, Dir, Chitral, Abbottabad and Mansehra, the snowfall and skiing lovers from across the country especially Northern Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa thronged to Kalam, Bahrain and Malam Jabba on weekend.

Besides Kalam and Malam Jab­ba, the snowy mountains peaks of Gabin Jabba, Miandam, Matiltan, Kalam, Utror, Gabral, Matiltan, Mahodand and Loye Sar resorts also drew influx of snowfall lov­ers along with families amid great fun and laughter despite muggy weather. “I came from Nowshera to my favorite tourists’ destina­tion Swat for snowfall following MET’s Office predictions besides enjoying its brown trout fish available at reasonable rate,” said Qaiser Khan of Wapda Town Pe­shawar while taking to APP.

Advising tourists to bring warm clothes, he said the the cold breeze along with snowfall have in­creased chill in Upper Swat forcing tourists to wear additional cloths and wollen sweaters. Tourists from Peshawar, Nowshera, Mar­dan, Charsadda, Lahore, Rawal­pindi and Islamabad were seen in large numbers at Kalam, Malam Jabba and Bahrian on Sunday to get pleasures from snowfall, trek­king and brown trout fish found in abundance following Govt sucessful projects in fishery sec­tor. Known for a combination of its seven distinctive features includ­ing snowfall that was hard to find together in any tourist destination of Pakistan, Swat is also a home to primitive Gandhara civilization and ice skiing at Malam Jabba. Besides river rafting, adventure sports, snow-clad mountain peaks and trout-fish, he said Swat mo­torway has made it an ideal des­tination for winter tourism and adventure sports in Pakistan. ‘I have visited many countries but could not find such a distinctive features togather as being found in Swat’ said Manzoorul Haq, for­mer Ambassador while taking to APP. He said the 150-kilometers long long freshwater of the river Swat originating from different glaciers and lakes including Ma­hodand and Gabral mountains offers unique opportunities for adventure and snow sports to explore in a single day trip.

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