PPP leader stresses democratic values, national development

LAHORE  -  Pakistan People’s Party South Punjab President and party’s nominee for Punjab governor’s slot, Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, reaffirmed his party PPP’s commitment to democratic prin­ciples and national progress.

At a workers gathering at Makhdoom House on Friday, Mahmood highlighted PPP’s histori­cal dedication to democracy, stressing that the party’s success aligned with empowerment of its workers. He emphasised PPP’s focus on serving the nation’s interests through demo­cratic governance and addressing key issues such as inflation, unemployment, and poverty with PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s comprehensive 10-point plan. 

Mahmood condemned political polarisa­tion and dismissed accusations against the PPP, urging detractors to prioritise national development over political point-scoring. He emphasised the importance of the National Assembly as Pakistan’s primary democratic in­stitution, where elected representatives must uphold constitutional values and advance democratic norms across the nation. Criticiz­ing external interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs, Mahmood asserted the nation’s sov­ereignty and called for unity in safeguarding Pakistan’s dignity and pride.

Additionally, the meeting was also attended by Chairman Awami Ittehad Alliance Sardar Malik Junaid.

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