Punjab police all set to crush gangs of robbers and kidnappers in Katcha area

RAWALPINDI  -  The government has decided to launch a “massive operation” against kidnappers and robbers in Katcha area of the Indus near the Sindh bor­der, informed sources on Friday. 

“Commandos of Elite Force, Punjab Police and military troops will take part in grand operation against gangs of Katcha area in order to obtain re­lease of dozens of abductees includ­ing two brothers belonging to Surashi area of Murree,” they said. In this re­gard, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Dr Usman Anwar and heads of other law enforcement agencies have held several meetings evolve a comprehensive strategy to elimiate the kidnappers and robbers hiding in Katcha area and involved in honey trapping the innocent people by lur­ing them for purchasing vehicles and other useables on throw away prices, thsy said. Recently, Murree police had registered a case against gang of rob­bers of Kacha area in Sadiqabad after two real brothers from Surasi Village of New Murree were abducted after falling into a honey trap laid out by the gang of robbers. Case was registered under section 365 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) with Police Station Mur­ree on complaint of Arshad Mehm­ood, the father of abductees identi­fied as Shafqat Ali and Muhammad Idrees. Several videos of detainees have surfaced on social media show­ing the abductees, being tortured by robbers, pleading family members to pay them ransom. This triggered a storm of critic over performance of Punjab and Sindh Police as well as other para military forces, they said. According to sources, Punjab Inspec­tor General of Police (IGP) Dr Usman Anwar had organized meetings with his subbordinates at CPO Office in Lahore during which it was decided intelligence-based operation against the outlaws in Katcha area that have become a safe heaven for robbers and kidnappers involving in kidnapping citizens for ransom. 

The attendees of meetings also raised eye brows over increase in kidnap-for-ransom for the last few months. Sources said a grand op­eration will be launched in the area along with commandos of Elite Force, Counter Terrorism Department and personnel of other intelligence agen­cies of the country. During the meet­ing, the top provincial cop Dr Usman Anwar said Special Branch of Punjab police and the other agencies were keeping an eye on the activities of criminals in the area and their fa­cilitators. “We are going to crush the facilitators based in the riverbed as terrorists and warned them against giving shelters to the outlaws,” he said. Sources said the operation will be started soon in Machka and Kat­cha areas where several hideouts of the criminal were inreasing. It may be noted during the last three years, the gangsters had changed their kidnap strategy. They now float advertise­ments on social media for sale of cars and tractors on cheap prices. Some of the gangs lure the youngsters through girls by phones with marriage offers.

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