We know how to snatch our rights, says Gandapur in fiery victory speech


Backed by SIC, Ali Amin Gandapur elected 16th KP CM with two-third majority n Demands immediate resignation of chief election commissioner n Says PTI leaders should be released within a week, otherwise action will be taken n A judicial inquiry should be conducted into May 9 incidents.


PESHAWAR/ QUETTA  -  Ali Amin Gandapur, an independent member of the Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa Assembly backed by Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) on Friday elected as the 19th Chief Minis­ter of the province with a thumping majority while Mir Srafraz Bugti elected as CM Balo­chistan unopposed

Ali Amin Gandapur bagged 90 votes, while opposition nominee Ibadullah secured 16 votes under an open division of MPAs. JUIF boycotted the election process. The meeting of the provincial assem­bly, which started one-and-a-half hours late on Friday, was held under the chairmanship of the newly elected Speaker Babar Saleem Swati.

The Speaker told the House that four MPs Ali Amin Gandapur, Hisham Inamullah, Zarik Khan and Ibadullah had sub­mitted their nomination papers for the election of the Chief Minister yesterday, which were found to be valid, but the incumbents, Zarik Khan and Hisham Inamullah, later withdrew their nomination papers.

The Speaker an­nounced the results and declared that a total 108 members participated in the election of the Chief Minister. Ibadul­lah had the support of five members of the PPP, two of the PTIP and nine members of the PMLN, securing a total of sixteen votes. The number of members supported by PTI was 92, but Ali Amin Ganda­pur got 90 votes.

In an unanticipated move, ANP member of assembly Arbab Usman participated in the voting pro­cess by refusing to accept the party president’s decision and went to the lobby with the op­position and voted for Ibadul­lah. The entry of unrelated per­sons was prohibited, while the sitting arrangements for media representatives were also ar­ranged in the gallery above the hall. In his victory speech af­ter the CM elections, Gandapur asserted that he had become the chief minister in an “inde­pendent capacity” and lament­ed how his party was not even given a “playing field let alone a level playing field” in the Febru­ary 8 general elections.

“We do not want to carry out politics of revenge,” he said. But at the same time, the PTI lead­er also stressed that “we know how to snatch our rights”.

Gandapur said he was ready for a probe into the allegations of rigging in the general elec­tions. “Come here and conduct an investigation on the basis of Forms-45,” he stated.

“You can open [investigate] whichever constituency you want,” he said. “I am putting the entire province before you […] we hope that every democrat­ic politician would say that the mandate should be returned be­cause stealing a mandate is akin to betraying the public and vi­olating the Constitution,” Gan­dapur said in the fiery speech.

He also demanded the imme­diate resignation of the chief election commissioner, claiming that the Election Commission of Pakistan had failed to fulfill its responsibility. Gandapur also urged the Supreme Court to set up a judicial commission to probe the allegations of rigging.

The PTI leader further stated that Imran Khan was languish­ing in jail today only because he “exposed a foreign conspir­acy before the public”. “Today, the entire nation knows who is elected and who is selected,” Gandapur said.

Talking about the May 9 riots, he said around nine first infor­mation reports were registered against him on the day. “If you find any evidence against me, come and arrest me,” the PTI leader said.

He demanded that a “judi­cial inquiry” should be held into the May 9 events and the “real beneficiaries” of the saga should be exposed. Gandapur also stated that all the PTI lead­ers falsely implicated should be released within a week and warned that otherwise action would be taken. Gandapur also promised to end terrorism in KP and said that the govern­ment would ensure every per­son in the province would be able to sleep in peace.

Talking about the economic situation of KP, Gandapur said that he would focus on increas­ing the revenue of the province and reducing the burdens on the poor segments.

“We will give property, right to inheritance, free legal assis­tance to women,” he promised, adding that the government would also invest in trade and business development to create employment.

Gandapur also announced that health card in the province would be restored from the first day of Ramazan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Peo­ples Party Candidate Mir Sar­fraz Bugti on Friday was elect­ed Chief Minister of Balochistan unopposed as no other lawmak­er submitted nominations pa­per for the post.

The chief minister has pledged to take all parties on board for development and prosperity of the province and efforts would be made to improve governance and resolve other issues. 

Talking to media persons in Balochistan Assembly while submitting his nomination pa­pers, he said the Pakistan Peo­ple’s Party believed in dialogue and always resolved the issues through negotiations.

He appealed to the disgrun­tled people to join the main­stream and play their role in the development of the coun­try. The chief minister empha­sized the need of talks with opposition parties for develop­ment of the province and for­mation of sustainable solution of other issues.

He said that positive criti­cism would be welcomed and urged to avoid destructive pol­itics in the broader interest of the country. Sarfraz Bugti said consensus would be de­veloped with opposition to bring Balochistan forward and his door would be always be opened for talks.

He said a road map would be shared for the sustainable de­velopment and resolving com­mon challenges the province. The chief minister (Elected un­opposed) said that he had no idea regarding the two-and-a-half-year government formula.

He thanked to Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari for nominating him for the chief minister’s slot. On the occasion, PPP Central Leader and Mem­ber of Balochistan Assembly Nawab Sanaullah Zehri congrat­ulated the chief minister.

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