THE PPP and MQM have finally brokered an agreement to jointly administer Sindh. The understanding reached after considerable wangling seems to have been necessitated as much by the PPP's coalition problems on the national level as by its requirements in the province. Soon after the election the PPP had expressed a desire to induct the MQM both into the Sindh and federal cabinets as a part of what it calls a policy of national reconciliation. This could not happen first because of strong reservations by PPP's principle coalition ally PML(N) and second because of the countrywide resentment against April 9 mayhem in Karachi that led to the killing of several persons including five who were burnt alive. MQM activists were widely held responsible for the incident and even Mr Altaf Hussain was forced to reprimand the party leadership for its inability to stop those involved. It would be unfortunate if MQM's inclusion into Sindh cabinet was to lead to the case being put into the cold storage. With the PPP-PML(N) alliance in the doldrums, there is a possibility of the inclusion of the MQM at the centre also, particularly in case the PML(N) was to resign from the federal cabinet. A newspaper report tells of the President advising Ch Shujaat Hussain, who was called for emergency talks to the presidency to join the PPP-led government in case the PML(N) quitted. Ch Shujaat reportedly did not agree but might revise the stand in days to come. The PPP leadership insists that to solve the crucial issues faced by the country like power crisis, inflation and terrorism a policy of national reconciliation has to be followed. In case the political elements that were part of the previous regime that is responsible for creating these problems were to be included in a coalition where the PPP and PML(N) happen to be allies, some benefit might accrue from thus neutralizing them. But in case the PPP is to part company with the PML(N) and join hands with what was used be the President's camp, it would become a partner in a disparate coalition, which on account of its diffused perspective would be highly unlikely to deliver.