Through your newspaper I would like to bring to the notice of the management of Air Blue the treatment their airline gives to its passengers. My family comprising of my wife and mentally handicapped son were travelling from Dubai to Lahore on April 11, 2008. ed-411( reservation number :gsvscjoj and urldpeoj). I live and work in Al-ain, which is 130km from Dubai. I had reserved the ticket on web and paid it through my credit card; I had also given a photocopy of my credit card to my wife. When my wife checked in, she was asked to produce the original credit card and the card holder for verification otherwise they would not be allowed to travel on that ticket. I talked to the airport in charge of Air Blue that I am in Al-Ain and it would not be possible for me to reach there in time before the flight departs but the answer was that a new ticket has to be bought and that too on cash. My wife panicked as she her self was a heart patient and travelling with a son who is mentally ill and went out of control under such tense condition. I felt so helpless at the plight of my family. Arrangement for money was made and after a lot of torture, she got the tickets and boarded the flight as she had to travel because of an emergency back home. This recently enforced illogical and 'hostile-to-passenger rules for e-ticketing are a shame. -KHALILULLAH KHAN, Al-ain, UAE, via e-mail, April 14.