IT is impossible to neglect the Kashmir issue. Be it any front, the problem would provide the backdrop to Indo-Pak relations. Therefore it was not surprising to see Prime Minister Gillani pondering over the subject, while addressing a group of leaders from Azad Kashmir. His concern for the plight of Kashmiris must be welcomed. His proposed solution was to enhance trade between the Jammu and Kashmirs, which according to the PM would help remove the economic deprivation of the area. He also said that there was a need to improve the dialogue process and make it more efficient. This seems like the continuation of the CBM approach initiated and practised during the last decade. President Musharraf's government made concession after concession, but India failed to reciprocate such a stance. As things stand, there is no escaping the fact that the approach has not yielded much. Suspicions run high and New Delhi continues to blame Islamabad for sending militants into the occupied territory. Nevertheless the only way forward is to find a solution according to the UN resolutions which acknowledge the people's right of self-determination. There should be no backpedalling on the position.