On International Labour Day, most organizations pay tribute to the workers who laid down lives for their rights in Chicago in 1886 to establish the labour as the main asset and strength of the organization. In our society, though, the labour is deprived of its basic rights. The crises like high prices of items of daily use, electricity, flour, gas, poor law and order situation badly effects the labour. Most of our government departments and NGOs hold seminars and rallies on May 1 to assure the labour of their support. But the important thing is the implementation of the promises made on this day. The government should implement the minimum wage of Rs. 6000 immediately and private organizations should be asked invest in the welfare of their labour. The labour plays significant role in our national life. If we collectively make an effort to compensate the labour by maximum, our economy will definitely grow. We should recognise and salute the efforts of the hardworking labour who is building our great nation. -NAZAKAT HUSSAIN, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 1.