ISLAMABAD - Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday said that former premier Imran Khan was the mastermind behind the Madinah incident.

Addressing a news conference here, the minister said that inside the Masjid-e-Nabvi, a woman was verbally abused, adding that she recited Durood Sharif and prayed for guidance of those behind the desecration of Masjid-e-Nabvi. She lashed out at PTI and said that it incited the poor to violate the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well. She said that she witnessed from her eyes how those people were directing others to abuse the delegation inside Masjid-e-Nabvi.

She slammed Imran Khan for lying that he had nothing to do with the Madina episode. Imran claimed to be an advocate of the Riyasat-e-Madina but he exported the filth of his dirty politics to the real Riyasat-e-Madina by inciting violence in the holy city, she said and added this was all an organized orchestrated activity.

The minister said regardless of who she was, Imran incited abuse and cussing on a woman inside Masjid-e-Nabwi (SAW). But all that had now backfired.

She said she had witnessed it herself how it was being orchestrated and carried out like a meticulously planned activity where those individuals were signalling to each other who to abuse, who to harass, and coordinating slogan-chanting, at a place where even speaking in slightly loud voice was strictly prohibited by the Almighty.

Marriyum alleged that the records of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were given illegally to Shehzad Akbar. The minister said that Imran Khan was the only prime minister who sold gifts of Toshakhana, adding that Imran Khan’s entire policy is based on lies. She said that NCA has denounced any sort of money-laundering.

The federal information minister said that the traces of Farah Khan’s property have also been found in Bani Gala, adding that in the four years, Farah Khan’s assets increased by billions. She alleged that Shehzad Akbar has handed over the public documents to David Rose. She said that former leader of the opposition and incumbent Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was arrested twice during the tenure of PTI.

| Info minister says PTI incited the poor to violate rules inside Masjid-e-Nabvi | Traces of Farah Khan’s property have also been found in Bani Gala

She said that the PTI-led government uses Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and NAB for four years, questioning that for years why didn’t they get the evidence of corruption? She added that because there was no hint of it. Marriyum alleged that PTI’s hunger for levelling allegations on the opponents has not ended yet.

The minister said that Imran roamed the world with his begging bowl for four years, but it was Shehbaz Sharif under whom Pakistan was now setting on a path of strategic partnership with KSA after this visit. In addition to a $3 billion augmentation in accounts, Miftah Ismail was still in KSA, working on fuel procurement negotiations, industrial zones, Pakistani Diaspora’s rights, cultural and economic avenues.

Pakistan would now once again embark on a journey towards progress and development; it would pursue mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign countries on the principle of respect and equality; and now Pakistan would talk on the rights of the Kashmiris instead of trading it off to Kashmir like Imran, she remarked.

She said Imran was so upset over Farah Gogi’s investigation because the tales of Farah Gogi and Shehzad Akbar’s corruption and extortion were rooted in Bani Gala. Marriyum said in dozens of references based on hundreds of forged and fake documents waved around in press conferences were all smashed by courts and PTI was shown the door. Yet as shamelessly as Imran filed these fake cases, he continues to rant about them at press conferences even today with the same shamelessness, she said.

Imran even used public money to pursue his political victimization by paying Broadsheet which too said there was no proof of wrongdoing by Shehbaz Sharif or others in his family.

“Imran said Farah could not be implicated in a case of assets beyond means because she did not hold any public office. What public office did Maryam Nawaz hold that she was dragged through courts for 4 years over false accusations,” she questioned.

Marriyum said the current government under Shehbaz Sharif was working day and night to stop inflation from skyrocketing because of the conditions Imran signed with the IMF.

She said the state of load-shedding and the state of economy obliterated by Imran were an unexplainable mess. However, she assured that the government was doing everything to resolve this crisis.

In a matter of just 2.5 weeks Shehbaz Sharif managed to get the 27 power plants shut in this country by Imran and reduce the load-shedding; In a matter of just 2.5 weeks Shehbaz got the metro up and running and saved thousands of rupees every day of poor commuters; In a matter of just 2.5 weeks.

She said Imran was petrified that what would he do if Shehbaz would successfully bring down inflation from 16 percent under Imran. Marriyum said Imran was petrified that what would he do if Shehbaz creates more public welfare and infrastructure development projects, while he could not lay a single brick despite taking Rs 43,000 billion loans. She said Imran was petrified that what would he do if Shehbaz would create employment while he could only lie about 10 million jobs and 5 million homes.