ISLAMABAD  - OGDCL has carried out 652 Line-kilometer 2D seismic surveys in its various operational areas, representing 59 per cent of the country’s total 2D seismic data acquired in the first half of the current fiscal year.

“Moreover, the company using in-house resources processed/reprocessed 1,896 Line km of 2D and 905 square kilometres of 3D seismic data,” according to an official report available with APP. During the period under review, the company injected seven operated wells, producing 171,110 barrels (BBL) of crude oil and 883 million cubic feet (MMCF) gas, in its production gathering system. “In line with its production strategy to boost oil and gas production, the company injected wells, including Tando Alam-21, Sial-1, Pasakhi-12, Mangrio-2, Togh Bala-2, Gundunwari-1 and Pandhi-1 which cumulatively yielded gross crude oil and gas production of 171,110 barrels and 833 MMcf respectively,” the report added.

Overall, the OGDCL’s production during the six-month period contributed around 48 per cent, 29 per cent and 38 per cent to the country’s total oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) production respectively. To arrest the natural decline and sustain production from mature wells, the company also carried out 52 work-over jobs comprising nine with the rig and 43 rig-less.

Moreover, to induce improvement in the current well flow parameters, the pressure build-up survey jobs were completed at various wells of producing fields like Mela, Pasahki, Nashpa, Qadirpur, Maru-Reti Uch and Kunnar fields. Despite natural decline at various mature producing fields, the OGDCL witnessed an increase in its crude oil and LPG production in comparison to the corresponding period last year. The company’s average daily net LPG production clocked at 814 tons due to higher production mainly from Mela, Nashpa and TAY fields. Likewise, average daily net crude oil production remained at 36,7887 barrels showing an increase of three per cent predominantly from Pasahki, Kunnar, Mela, Tando Alam and Mangrio fields, while the company’s average daily net saleable gas production stood at 827 MMcf. On the drilling front, the OGDCL spud six wells including four exploratory [Bago Phulphoto-1, Bewato-1, Killi Malik-1 & Kalerishum-1] and two development wells [Hakeem Daho-3 & Qadirpur-63], while drilling and testing of nine wells of the previous fiscal year were also completed. “Total drilling recorded was 23,913 meters,” the report said.