Ready for simultaneous election if assemblies dissolved before May 14: Imran

Warns he won’t remain silent anymore if govt rejects SC’s decision n PTI will not get ‘trapped’ in govt’s ‘ill-intentioned plan’ to delay elections n PTI will stand with the Constitution.

LAHORE    -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Monday reiterated that his party was ready for simulta­neous elections if the govern­ment dissolved the assemblies before May 14. 

“The imported government should confirm the dissolu­tion of assemblies before May 14 in the next round of talks or else the PTI would take to the streets”, he warned while speaking at a public rally on Labour Day here on Monday. 

Imran Khan vowed that PTI would stand with the Consti­tution if the rulers tried to run away from elections and vio­late the constitution. However, he stated that the government wanted to hold elections when they believed he would be out of their way. “Their only aim was to take him out of the way. We have always staged peace­ful protests due to the deteriorated economic situation. If they break the Constitution then there would be the law of jungle in Pakistan,” he added. The PTI Chair­man stated: “This coun­try is heading fast to­wards destruction and unemployment is rising with each passing day. If they reject the Supreme Court’s decision then the nation will come out of their homes with me.”

Congratulating PTI workers and the peo­ple of Lahore for hold­ing this wonderful ral­ly, Imran Khan said that PTI was holding the ral­ly to show solidarity with the labourers and for the rule of law. “Everything will be clearly seen in the next week whether there is the rule of law in this country or not. PTI will stand with the Chief Jus­tice of Pakistan (CJP).”

Coming down hard on cabal of crooks, PTI Chairman regretted that he could not stand to give a speech because General Bajwa imposed criminal people on the nation, who (Bajwa) and Dirty Har­ry together first carried out assignation attempt on him in Wazirabad and then they tried to kill him in the judicial complex of Islamabad.

He said that they would only hold polls after seeing an oppor­tunity to get victorious and removing Imran Khan from their path. “They want to jail Imran Khan or kill him. They attacked Parvez Elahi’s home like dacoits after they attacked my home and arrested PTI work­ers.” “Ali Amin Gandapur is being shifted to differ­ent jails and my securi­ty officer Iftikhar Ghum­man was also arrested. They are arresting PTI workers to weaken our political party.”

He said PTI would not get ‘trapped’ in the gov­ernment’s ‘ill-intentioned plan’ to delay elections. Khan added that if the government thinks that it can stall and the PTI will wait, then they are wrong. “We will move the court and demand elec­tions in Punjab and Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).” He also warned that Pa­kistan was currently not in an economic position to withstand a ‘massive street movement’.

Later, Imran Khan said that they got a massive response from Lahore for the May Day rally. The PTI Chairman said: “Massive response from Lahore for our May Day rally and this was at the start, as the rally is gaining even more momentum now.”

“Let this be a warning to those who are thinking of defying SC and Con­stitution,” he said, add­ing: “Our people will not tolerate the mafia violat­ing SC orders and Consti­tution by running away from elections.”

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