Five labourers were killed and three were injured in Quetta by unknown assailants. Another tragic day for the people of Balochistan, especially since the conception of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This loss of lives sets the government back in its plans of securing the area. Security lapses like these can impact future negotiations. The wave of terrorism that hit the country, affected Balochistan particularly more. The people have lost very important professionals as a result of terror. This project also brought hope for the residents who have been battling with the security lapses. They not only looked forward to the investments which will provide an influx of revenue and create jobs for the people. Development for this area also means that the government has plans to eradicate the security concerns.

The area is still delicate when it comes to its security situation. The military operations all over the country have managed to control the situation and push the extremists out from their hubs, but Balochistan requires more an upgrade in its security plan. Implementation of the safe city projects is required to monitor the activities along with concrete development and security plans which help maintain the writ of the state. The on-ground force to deal with these situations must be equipped exponentially to create an impact which will improve the social outlook of the region too, creating space for the development which is underway as a product of the CPEC.

The government this year also managed to conduct a very crucial diplomatic session, Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), in the region with countries like Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, this was a massive show of mettle by the government to showcase how promising the region is and what can be expected as an outcome of the mega-scale project that the Pakistani economy has opened its doors for. Pakistan at this point needs to reassert its presence in the global political regime - which we have seen in the form of improvement in diplomatic ties and the contribution to ending the war in Afghanistan - and the security of Balochistan is the key to that.