Queen escapes COVID restrictions at Windsor Castle for a long time

ISLAMABAD   -   The Queen has escaped COVID restrictions at Windsor Castle to spend a long weekend with Prince Philip at Sandringham.After returning to work, she had been apart from the Duke of Edinburgh for the past month. But recently she travelled to Wood Farm – just in time to see him before Britain returns to lockdown.She is expected to return to Windsor early this week.Until COVID struck, the modest farmhouse on the Norfolk estate had become 99-year-old Prince Philip’s main home following his retirement from formal Royal duties in 2017.

However, he left in March to join the Queen at Windsor, where they spent four months with a specially screened household dubbed ‘HMS Bubble’.They also had a summer holiday at Balmoral in August, but spent less than half their normal ten weeks in Scotland due to coronavirus restrictions there that limit visits from family and friends.The Duke then wanted to return to Wood Farm and, in an unusual move, the Queen decided to join him before returning to Windsor last month.