Issues notices to Pakistan Bar Council, Balochistan Bar Council (BBC) to assist apex court in presidential reference

ustice Muneeb Akhtar, Justice Yahya 
Afridi and Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail conducted hearing of the 
presidential reference. During the 
hearing, Additional Attorney General 
(AAG) Aamir Rehman informed the 
bench that after the Supreme Court 
judgment in 2013 the Balochistan 
govt started the Reko Diq development project and spent Rs5 to 6 billion. However, it was abandoned after 
the ICSID judgment and money spent 
on development gone wasted. The 
AAG said that in order to save $10 
billion, the federal govt has decided 
to share $900 million to pay to Antofogasta, the mining company, which 
is not interested in the Reko Diq project. He apprised the court that if Barrick Gold which will invest $4.5 billion on the project after sometimes 
find that the project is not feasible 
then Pakistan will have nothing. 
Rehman argued that the federal 
govt is not challenging the apex court 
judgment (2013), adding it’s a massive project and in over a 20 years 
the foreign company will invest huge 
amount in US Dollars. With the mining and exploration, the adjoining 
areas of Reko Diq will also be developed. Justice Bandial said that when 
in ’70 when the govt wanted to promote private sector then the Board 
was constituted for that purpose. Justice Ijazul Ahsan said that when the 
govt launched Independent Power 
Project then it changed the law, but 
the present govt for such a huge foreign investment only relying on the 
contract with the Barrick Gold.

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