Rice World files lawsuit against Satake Corporation

Lahore  -  Rice World, a prominent rice manufacturer and exporter in Pakistan, recently initiated legal proceedings by filing a lawsuit seeking damages and recovery of PKR 650 million against Satake Corporation, a Japanese company which is globally recognised for its expertise in manufacturing and supplying machinery and equipment for various food products, with a specialization in rice milling and processing machinery. The Commercial Court of Zafar Farid Hashmi (Civil Judge) has issued notices to Satake Corporation and directed to appear before the learned Court on 04.11.23. Rice World alleges that Satake misrepresented the quality of some of the machinery provided, claiming it to be faulty. This legal action is just one example of a broader issue in Pakistan, where local companies often import machinery and equipment, and when such items turn out to be defective, they have no recourse but to seek redress through the overloaded and often ill-equipped ordinary civil courts in their jurisdiction. Moreover, foreign companies, when faced with lawsuits, frequently show little regard for the claims or pending litigations brought by local companies, as there are often no adverse consequences for them. There is a pressing need for reforms in the legal system, particularly concerning cases where local companies are pursuing legal action against foreign companies. Such cases have the potential to impact both business interests and international relations between Pakistan and other countries.

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