'US trying to make Pakistan scapegoat

SWABI Leaders of various political parties have said that the recent US allegations have made it crystal clear that Washington is not a faithful friend. Speaking at the occasion of the rabita programme of Gandhara Union of Journalists here on Saturday, they said the US harmed Pakistan and its interests deceiving it for many years by calling it an ally in war on terror. They said the US overlooked Pakistans role it played for the world peace tried to make it a scapegoat. They said it was a big question that Pakistans leaders failed to learn from the past blunders and adopted policies to favour them instead of the country and its masses. Jamaat Islami KP Naib Ameer Usman Khan said the US gradually destabilised Pakistan while remaining as a friend. He said the Pakistani successive governments and political leadership failed to adopt an independent foreign and economic policy. They were eyeing at the US in all the national affairs. Resultantly, it weakened Pakistan on one the hand and tarnished its image in the comity of the nations on the other, he said. PPP-S Deputy General Secretary Masood Jabar said there would be no differences in their ranks whenever the question of the countrys solidarity and its sovereignty came. We stand by our army and we are ready to extend complete support to the countrys highly credible institution, which has been protecting the country. The US should stop the blame game and sit around the table with Pakistan and all other stallholders. Negotiations might be the sole solution to come out of the prevailing situation, he said. MNA Usman Khan Tarakai of Swabi Jamhoori Ittehad said the recommendations of the All Parties Conference should be completely implemented by the government and if it failed there would be worst implications for the country. On May 2, Osama bin Laden was killed by the US. After that in-camera session unanimously adopted a resolution but it was not implemented in letter and spirit, he stated. The leaders expressed deep sorrow over the governments failure to deliver and demanded complete implementation of the adopted resolution. Tarakai said the entire nation was ready to render every sacrifice for the country. He said he wanted to make clear that the masses always contributed to the resolution of countrys issues but the leadership utterly failed to deliver.

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