ISLAMABAD   -  Opposition Leader in the National Assembly and PMLN President Shehbaz Sharif on Friday demanded an immediate reversal of the sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products including LPG.

In a statement, the Opposition Leader slammed the Rs 4 to Rs 8 increase in the petroleum prices and the spike in Liquefied Petroleum Gas and its subsidiary products. He said PM Imran Khan did not fulfil his pledge of committing suicide if he sought IMF’s help but he was forcing the people of Pakistan to commit suicide because of the skyrocketing inflation. This government had snatched the right to survive from the people of Pakistan with its daily inflation bombardment.

The PMLN president said at the one hand the national currency had been plummeting every day while on the other hand Imran Khan has been butchering the people with inflation. The blind government blindly burdens the masses with inflation and then had the audacity of saying that things were getting better, he lambasted.

Shehbaz said these were the people who used to tout selling petrol at Rs 46 per litre and have now made it impossible to afford it. This increase in petroleum prices would lead to a price hike of all essential commodities, he warned.

The Opposition Leader further said this daily inflation hike had proven that the PTI government presented a fraudulent budget which was nothing but lies. He said that the people of Pakistan could not survive this anymore as they were already struggling to feed their families. He said that this cruelty must be brought to an end.