KARACHI-Karachi Administrator, Sindh Government Spokesperson and CM Advisor on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Saturday said that there were conspiracies and negative propaganda against the city regarding municipal utility tax.

“I was criticized for imposing a new tax but in fact it was an old tax. Money is needed to improve infrastructure of the city. They (critics) can oppose me but please don’t oppose the city. My resignation was not accepted and I am bound by the orders of the party. I will continue to do whatever service I can for Karachi without personal publicity. I am grateful to 600,000 customers who submitted the municipal tax despite all the conspiracies,” the Administrator said while addressing a press conference held at the Frere Hall here.

Municipal Commissioner KMC Syed Afzal Zaidi and other officers were also present on the occasion. The Administrator Karachi said that the court had temporarily halted the collection of municipal tax, adding that this was not a final decision. He said that there are administrative difficulties in holding local bodies elections.

Condemning the terrorist incident in Korangi fire station, the Administrator said that those who committed the heinous act should be dealt with under the law. Regarding the incident in Korangi Fire Station, Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that two brave personnel of KMC Fire Brigade were martyred in the terrorist incident and one was seriously injured who is currently admitted to the ICU. He said that the police have been contacted for a full investigation. He prayed that Allah Almighty to grant the berevaed families patience to bear this irreparable loss.

The Administrator said that the the road maintenance work is going on in all the seven districts of Karachi and people are seeing that KMC is working but the enemies of Karachi do not want the condition of the city to be corrected.

“Today, Karachi is moving forward under a comprehensive plan. In the past there were errors in the system of collection of municipal utility tax. I had two options either to let the same system continue under which KMC was not getting only Rs 160 million or try to collect Rs 3 billion  annually through K Electric,” he added.

He said that the intervention of individuals was ended through new tax collection system. The Administrator said that he gave relief to the citizens by reducing the tax and decided to introduce a fool-proof mechanism of municipal tax collection by K-Electric. He said that under the new system, Rs 50 million was collected in just 10 days.

“The man who had filed a case against KMC himself has not deposited this tax for five years. I want to tell people that bad intentions and defaulters do not want the city to be developed,” Barrister Murtaza Wahab said.

He said that if the institutions are to be made strong and active, then the affairs must be run according to the law.

The Administrator said that he had no personal differences with Hafiz Naeemur Rahman, adding that if the Jamaat e Islami leader becomes the mayor tomorrow, he will also have money to spend in the city.

“In my view, the answer to the propaganda of the opponents is work and only work,” he added. In response to a question, the Administrator said that a decision has been taken to conduct local bodies elections in Sindh in phases, but there are administrative difficulties due to rains and floods. He said that  decision regarding holding next phase of local bodies elections will be taken soon.