Cabinet decides legal action over audio leak on diplomatic cypher

Federal Cabinet has decided to take legal action on an audio leak with regard to diplomatic cypher.

The cabinet in a circulatory summary formally approved legal action against Imran Khan, his ministers and secretary Azam Khan.

The cabinet approved initiating FIA probe and legal action over the audio leak about the cypher.

In a cabinet session on September 30, a special committee was constituted to probe into audio leak on cypher. The cabinet committee had recommended legal action in a session on October 1st.

The recommendations of the committee were presented for approval of the cabinet in a circulatory summary, which was formally approved.

“It is a matter of national security, which could have serious impact on the national interests,” the cabinet committee said in its recommendations.

“This matter is necessarily required legal action. The FIA should constituted a probe committee comprises of senior officials,” the committee recommended. “The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) could also bring the officers from intelligence agencies in the probe team”.

“The FIA should act against the perpetrators of the offence as per the law,” the committee recommended.

The first audio regarding the diplomatic cypher was leaked on September 28, while the second audio of Imran Khan with regard to the diplomatic cypher surfaced on September 30.

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