Flooding is a natural calamity that brought with it a lot of trials and tribulations. The misfortune it brought with it is incalculable. Their smiles have turned upside down. People not only lost the roof over their heads, but some also lost their lives. The survivors are living with no guarantee of their lives. They have no proper medical care. They are dying of starvation. They have lost their source of income and these are just some of the surface problems they are facing.

In this time of adversity, many people have come to their aid. Medicine, clothes, food, tents and such stuff have been collected and sent to them. But are these consolations enough? Will all of this be able to compensate for their loss? Is this relief actually a relief to them? Politicians are all talk and no show. In this democratic system, they should be for the people. The common person is the one helping them. But when all of this blows over, how will they survive? They need some long-term help to survive. Measures for the restoration of their lives and prevention of such future problems should be taken.