ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders on Satur­day during a meeting dis­cussed an ‘important and comprehensive’ strate­gy for a ‘decisive and fi­nal’ long march what it said to “rid Pakistan of the thieves, plunging the country into quag­mire of problems.”

PTI Chairman Im­ran Khan presided over the consultative meeting of the par­ty’s central leaders to discuss the modus operandi and prepa­rations for the up­coming long march against the coalition government.

During the meet­ing, PTI chief as­signed special task pertaining to prepa­rations of protest march to the party’s officials. They dis­cussed important is­sues including the overall political sit­uation in the coun­try, and latest audio leaks threadbare.

Moreover, the par­ticipants held de­tailed consultation on the comprehen­sive strategy re­garding the prepara­tions for the march to press the govern­ment to announce early elections.

They also dis­cussed the possible use of violence by the govern­ment and the strategy as how to deal with any such ‘brutality’ as the rulers did in May 25 long march, ac­cording to a statement is­sued by PTI’s Central Me­dia Department.

It was decided that af­ter announcing the date of long march, several strate­gies would be given finish­ing touch simultaneously.

Before the announce­ment of the final date, PTI Chairman would fully pre­pare the party organisa­tions of Islamabad and surrounding districts. Im­ran Khan would address major workers‘ conven­tion in Peshawar region and Faisalabad divisions.

Speaking on the occa­sion, Khan stated that the tradition of two types of laws, one for power elites and another for the peo­ple, pushed the country into the quagmire of de­struction. PTI chief said that rule of law was the only way forward.

He stated that under­hand deals like NROs were like a deadly poison for the rule of law and the real reason of imposing of these “cable of crooks” on the nation.