Peshawar Zoo starts classes to educate youth about nature, biodiversity

Peshawar-Peshawar Zoo has started outdoor classes with the objective of imparting practical education among students for having better understanding of different animal, birds and reptiles.
“The initiative has been taken for better understanding of students about different species by practically displaying them in the premises of zoo,” informed Muhammad Niaz, Director Peshawar Zoo.
Talking to APP, Muhammad Niaz said a limited area within the zoo had been reserved for outdoor classes on nature and students from different schools visit the facility on rotation basis. 
Initially they contacted ten educational institutions for sending their children to zoo for practical examination of nature and importance of biodiversity. 
In order to inculcate the urge of research among students different items were also displayed including feathers of different birds, teeth, body parts besides magnifying glasses through which children could see invisible particles on plants or on body of stuffed animals and birds, Niaz added.
He said plan was also under consideration for arranging a microscope in students’ area for apprising students about research methods and its importance in protection of different species from diseases.
Niaz informed that Peshawar Zoo was in contact with city schools system for displaying of messages regarding wildlife importance, its protection and conservation on the back of its copies. 
The same practice in adopted by Peshawar Model School systems as a result of which its students were learning about different animals by watching pictures on back of their books and copies, he added.
To educate students about biodiversity, the zoo administration had also displayed feathers of different birds, horn of animals and even eggs to inform them as which birds lay largest egg and which one smallest. 
The main objective behind the activity was to enhance understanding of students by attending practical classes, he reiterated.
Niaz said Peshawar Zoo had also offered university students for providing guidance and support in their research work on different animals, birds or reptiles.
Our veterinary doctors will provide help and facilitation to university students in carrying their research which will not only support them but also assist zoo administration in obtaining more information on different species.   
Peshawar Zoo recently also issued an animated message on social media for awareness of general public about importance of forest, biodiversity and impacts of environmental degradation on our lives and coming generation.

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