President dismisses DG PEMRA in harassment case

Amount of compensation shall be recovered from arrears of pay, pension emoluments or property, orders Arif Alvi

ISLAMABAD    -  President Dr Arif Alvi, while uphold­ing the decision of the Federal Om­budsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace, has awarded the major penalty of “Dismissal from Service” to a Director General of PEMRA and also enhanced the fine from two hundred thousand to twenty five hundred rupees.

He held that it has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that the female employee was harassed by the accused with verbal, vulgar, sexual, and demeaning comments and demands by the Appellant.

The president observed that he took a strong exception and used the full force of the law when such matters were brought to light and were proven beyond doubt to ensure a safe work­ing environment for the female gender. He said this was aimed at unleashing their great economic potential which remained unexploited due to their fear of harassment at the workplace.

The president ordered that the amount of compensation shall be re­covered from arrears of pay (if any), pension emoluments or any other source (property) of the Appellant as per Section 4(i)(d) of the Protection Against the Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 and be given to the complainant as compensation in lieu of the hardships faced by her at the hands of the Appellant.

This landmark decision was an­nounced after the President gave personal prolonged hearings to the accused, the complainant and their counsels, besides factoring in the evidence and recording the state­ments of the witnesses on record and minutely perusing the entire proceedings of the case.

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