LARKANA-On the call of the Larkana Chamber of Commerce and Industry against the growing lawlessness in Larkana, the business community recorded a protest by placing panaflex and banners in front of their shops and wearing black bands on their arms as a protest in the important business centre of the city, Jalus Bazaar, Old Anaj Mandi and other business centers and in the office of the Chamber, here on Saturday.

On this occasion, President of Larkana Chamber of Commerce Ahmed Ali Sheikh, former president Muhammad Ali Sheikh, Ali Raza Khokhar, Masood Ahmed Sheikh, Jamal Mustafa Sheikh and others said that lawlessness has reached its peak in Larkana city, where daily robberies, thefts, snatchings, and street crime is being carried out, in which ordinary citizens and businessmen are being looted. Due to the lack of effective operations against criminals, now criminals are shooting and killing people in public during robberies or thefts.

They said that incompetence and failure of the Larkana Police has come to light and the Larkana Police has completely failed to protect the public. They demanded to stop the growing unrest in Larkana and to arrest the criminals involved in murders, other crimes and provide protection to common people as well as businessmen, otherwise they will increase the scope of the protest and the responsibility will be on SSP Larkana and the rulers.

Meanwhile, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz activists also took out a rally and held a protest demonstration at Jinnah Bagh against increased criminal activities. Ashraf Kalhoro, Zuhaib Soomro, Shahid Langah, Latif Kori and others said that Larkana has been left at the mercy of Almighty Allah where murders, thefts, robberies and other heinous crimes have become common. They said elected representatives are not visible as they have hidden in their bungalows. They said recently a 20-year old man Manan Shaikh was gunned down just for Rs20,000 mobile phone which should be a shameful act for the rulers. 

They said two more people of Shaikh and Junejo communities were also recently killed near Miro Khan Chowk and Bakrani Road. They said heirs of the killed persons are demanding justice from deaf and dumb rulers. They warned that if the accused are not arrested and taken to task then they will call for shutter down in the city.