Defense Day is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on the 6th of September every year. This day is celebrated to commemorate the defence performance and sacrifices of the forces in the Indo-Pak war of 1965. Its purpose is to remind Pakistan to defend and strengthen its military power so that it can deal with any attack in the coming days. On this day, apart from schools, colleges, and government offices, tributes are paid to the martyrs and ghazis of the Indo-Pak war of 6 September 1965 and the retreat of the Indian invasion in which it was defeated is mentioned.

September 6, 1965, is a proud day that will never be forgotten in the history of the world from a military point of view when a much larger country with an army many times larger in defence resources attacked its small neighbouring country in the dark of night without any announcement attacked This small but brave and united country faced the war attack of its enemy with such courage and bravery that all the ambitions of the enemy were crushed. He had to face embarrassment at the international level as well. The big aggressor country is India and the brave and united small country is Pakistan.

The imposition of war on Pakistan by India in 1965 was a great challenge to the state motto of the Pakistani nation, the two-nation ideology, national unity, and patriotism. Teachers, students, poets, writers, artists, singers, doctors, civil defence volunteers, labourers, farmers, and the mass media all had the same tune and voice saying, “O man, Mujahid, wake up, now is the time for martyrdom.” The Pakistan Army not only stopped the aggression and advance of the enemy on every front with patriotic spirit and professional skills but also forced them to retreat. For the sake of safety, after erasing all kinds of differences, they joined together and presented an unprecedented practical example of crushing the enemy and took the credit for success in the war that lasted for one and a half months.