Peshawar    -    A two-week anti-typhoid vaccination campaign has been launched in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa owing to an increase in the number of typhoid cases in the wake of recent floods, officials said on Saturday.

At a ceremony held in the DC camp office, Deputy Commissioner Shafiullah Khan officially launched the anti-typhoid campaign by immunising his children. The ceremony was attended by Dr Muhammad Imran Khan, District Health Officer (DHO) for Peshawar, Dr Muhammad Idrees, and Dr Muhammad Arif, coordinator for the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)-KP.

Shafiullah Khan announced at the ceremony that in the first phase of the campaign, 896,724 children aged nine months to 15 years would be vaccinated against typhoid.

He added that the typhoid campaign, which would run from October 3 to October 15 and has been specially designed for the provincial capital, will continue.

DHO Dr Muhammad Idrees stated that the health department has organised 633 outreach teams, 82 fixed teams, and 30 mobile teams for successful coverage of anti-typhoid vaccination. He added that at least 52 urban union councils of Peshawar will be covered through the door-to-door campaign.

144 first-level supervisors and 51 medical officers will oversee the campaign, while officials from the district administration and health department will work with the mobile teams to improve performance, he continued.

to dispel the misunderstanding The DHO clarified that the vaccine had no adverse effects and emphasised the importance of raising awareness for the general people since the typhoid vaccine programme is new.

The event’s coordinator, Dr Muhammad Arif, informed the attendees that Typhoid fever can be fatal for youngsters and that a specific bacterium is to blame for the fever. He claimed that compared to adults, kids are more likely to contract typhoid fever.

The DC Peshawar invited all facets of society, including the media and civic society, to contribute to the effort for healthy children.