LAHORE   -   The Walled City of Lahore Author­ity (WCLA) has launched a unique guided tour ‘Wekh Androon Lahore’.

According to sources on Satur­day, the guided tour starts from Delhi Gate and goes up to Chowk Purani Kotwali. Tourists see 14 dif­ferent locations on the Shahi Gu­zargah with trained tourist guides, added the sources.

The unique tour will take tourists in to narrow streets of Androon La­hore (In-side old city), heritage sites and bazaars. 

Tourists go to Shahi Hammam, Sabeel Wali Gali, Akbari Mandi, Tang Bazaar, Gali Surjan Singh, Haveli Mian Sultan, Chitta Gate, Dina Nath well, Pakistan Cloth Market, Azam Cloth Market, Wazir Khan Masjid, Chowk Wazir Khan, Craft Bazaar and Craft Ghar. 

The tour participants come across several cultural performances like dhol and dhamal, kotwal, danka and biglle performance, harmonium and tabla , Heer goi and monkey show. Tourists also get to taste the local food like Lassi, Haleem, Murabba, Naan-Khatai and much more. 

Almost 150 tourists from Lahore and other cities of Pakistan attend­ed the guided tour on the first day. WCLA Director General said the guided tour of old Lahore is unique in its na-ture and practice.