Balochistan govt moves to rein in terrorism

Info minister Achakzai warns of ‘befitting response’ if India behind deadly Mastung blast n Provincial govt announces Rs1.5m for family of each martyr of Mastung blast, Rs5 lakh for each injured.


QUETTA  -  Two days after a deadly bombing in Mastung claimed over 60 pre­cious lives, the Balochistan govern­ment has declared a full-fledged war against terrorism saying that it won’t spare any terrorist outfit in the prov­ince till its complete elimination.

“Enough is enough,” said Baloch­istan caretaker Information Minister Jan Achakzai said this at a press con­ference here on Sunday while refer­ring to the Mastung terror attack and said the State would provide allout security to its people. 

The minister also said that India is behind terror incidents in Baloch­istan and that the state would ensure a “befitting response” if found that India is behind the Mastung incident.

When Achakzai was asked about a possible grand operation in the wake of terrorist attacks in the province, he said he could not comment on that but reassured journalists that the state would defend each and every inch of its territory and carry out in­telligence-based operations if need­ed. “This means there is a master­mind behind it who is systematically destabilising us. Enough is enough. Now there will be no appeasement or concession … we declare all-out war on these terrorists.”

He further said that Pakistan’s re­solve is very important. It (Mas­tung incident) is such a case where we won’t say that we will go after [only terrorist] opera­tives and foot soldiers.

“We will go after their mas­terminds, the lynchpins man­aging all these proxies and will ensure that we will go wherev­er they are holed up, drag them out and take revenge for each and every martyr,” he said.

“If these links are found there [in Balochistan] today as well then we will make sure that our enemies are cut by thousands.”

Achakzai also reassured that the province’s security plan will be reviewed to address any loopholes that exist.

“Security plan is being re-structured from scratch [...] will conduct intelligence-based operations (IBOs) on every inch [of the province’s territory] if needed,” he said. He identified the perpetrator of the Mastung terrorist attack as a young indi­vidual aged between 15 and 18. He firmly stated that Baloch­istan had no place for terrorism and assured that the state was fully aware of the culprits and facilitators behind the incident, pledging swift justice.

The minister lauded the Chief of Army Staff’s (COAS) dedica­tion to the fight against terror and emphasised the joint ef­forts of provincial and federal governments in countering ex­tremism and terrorism.

Achakzai disclosed that au­thorities had recovered the re­mains of the suicide bomber responsible for the tragic inci­dent during the 12 Rabiul Aww­al procession in Mastung on Fri­day. The death toll now stands at 60, including religious lead­ers and children, along with a police officer. Commenting on the government’s support to the martyrs’ families of the Mastung incident, Achakzai an­nounced that the government would provide Rs1.5 million to each of the martyrs’ families.

Meanwhile, critically injured and those with minor injuries would be given Rs500,000 and Rs250,000, respectively.

“We will also ask the feder­al government to pitch in the relief package for the affected families,” he said.

“We will help the affected families as much as possible,” Achakzai reassured.

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