Gang involved in 328 unlawful kidney transplants arrested: CM 

Says Dr Fawad Mukhtar unlawfully extracted 328 people’s kidneys and performed transplants

LAHORE   -  Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Sunday apprised that Lahore Police appre­hended the gang including its leader involved in doing 328 unlawful kidney operations. Ad­dressing a press conference at CM’s office, he announced that the team arresting the gang would be awarded Rs 500,000. He further informed that Doctor Fawad Mukhtar and all persons of his gang have been apprehend­ed. Doctor Fawad Mukhtar by unlawfully stealing, duping and grabbing money extracted 328 people’s kidneys and performed transplant. The CM said the as­sistant of Dr Fawad gang doing operations was basically a motor mechanic and the same motor mechanic used to perform duties of administering anaesthesia to the people. He added the gang was more active in Lahore, Taxila and Azad Kashmir and used to perform kidney operations at homes instead of operation theaters. Rs 3 million used to be ex­torted from Pakistani patients while Rs 10 mil­lion used to be extorted from the patients com­ing from abroad. Naqvi apprised that the accused has confessed to perform 328 operations and this number could exceed as well. Money was ex­torted from a patient in Jinnah Hospital and later by committing fraud his healthy kidney was ex­tracted. When that patient went to another doc­tor then he came to know that his one kidney is missing. The CM said the accused Doctor Fawad Mukhtar had been arrested five times and used to commit the same notorious crime every time after getting released. He said Chief Secretary and his team was working and the prosecution has been directed to submit a strong challan. The police team conniving the release of Doctor Fawad has been suspended. To a query, Naqvi said that the Healthcare Commission would have to become fully proactive, adding “laws are in place and we do not have any scope of mak­ing change. We will make the rules more effec­tive to the maximum possible extent”. There was a dire need of implementation in the pres­ence of laws, he said. The matter to hand over the case to the FIA would be reviewed, he said and added the police performed its duty diligently in this case and arrested the gang after making untiring efforts for one and a half month. The police and other al­lied institutions would have to expedite their crackdown against the gangs involved in playing with the lives of innocent people. CM revealed that people had to face inconvenience in PHOTA (Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority), adding that the proposal to make PHOTA one window would be reviewed. Naqvi informed that the death of three patients has been confirmed due to the accused operations. He said two main culprits of eye injection scandal have been ar­rested. “We are waiting for the report and no injustice will be committed to anyone in haste” he said. CM apprised that few parts of cyber law have reached to us, adding that the police and relevant institutions have been activated so that people could be provided relief with regard to cyber crimes. Provincial ministers Doctor Javed Akram, Amir Mir, Chief Secretary.

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