Parents urged to send schoolgoing children to libraries

Mohmand   -  People from all over the world may benefit after the establishment of a digital library in the Mohmand tribal district, said the founder of the library, Najibullah Mohmand.

The time has come for parents to send their children to the library to study alongside their schooling, said former MPA Nisar Mohmand while addressing the 9th anniversary of Marshal Library here. 

Mashal Library, the first-ever private library in merged tribal areas, and the second anniversary of Mashal Library for Children, also the first-ever children’s library in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hundreds of people from different schools of thought, including school and seminary students, participated in the event.

Addressing the event, Ex-MPA Nisar Mohmand, while talking about the importance of libraries, said that it is high time for this kind of library in such farflung and backward areas. Parents should train and send their children to schools as well as to libraries for reading, so that their mental development can be enhanced, and more libraries will also be established.

Likewise, Najibullah Mohmand, the founder of Mashal Library, talked about the positive role of Mashal Library in society. While saying that very soon its branches will be open in other parts of the country, including other tribal districts, and along with this, Mashal Library will also start its digital service. He mentioned that after the establishment of a digital library, people from all over the world will benefit from the Mashal Library. 

Najibullah further stated that Mashal Library has played a positive role in establishing peace in the area, and thousands of students and the public have benefited from it so far. Similarly, he further said that since September 26, 2014, Mashal Library has been providing free knowledge in war-torn areas to enlighten the coming generations with knowledge, bring a smile to their faces, and provide a better future.

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