JHELUM: The three-member investigation team constituted by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to investigate the murder of Samia Shahid has completed its findings and will hand over a report to the local police.

According to the findings, main accused Chaudhry Shakeel who was Samia’s first husband committed the murder. Samia’s father, Chaudhy Shahid, is accused of helping Chaudhry Shakeel in trapping and bringing her to Jhelum.

A challan is being finalised and will be submitted in the next few days by the local police in Jhelum.

Chaudhry Shakeel is accused of strangling Samia to death on July 20, a day before her scheduled flight to Dubai where her second husband Mukhtar Kazim was residing. Samia’s family had claimed that she died from a cardiac attack.

Originally from Bradford, Samia had been visiting her family in Jhelum when she was murdered. Her second husband, Mukhtar Syed Kazam who is complainant in the case, had raised concerns that his wife had been murdered because her family disapproved of their marriage.