NORTHERN TERRITORY - A large crocodile preying on cattle in Australia’s Northern Territory was caught by wildlife rangers using a baited trap to snare the deadly 4.3 metre reptile in a water hole. Rangers and police were called to a cattle station near Daly River, roughly 200 km south of Darwin, to capture the crocodile which residents said had become a nuisance. Video released by the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services on Tuesday showed the crocodile thrashing in the cage as rangers struggled to snare its jaws and drag the animal out of the water. “He got a little bit away from us, but we ended up getting hold of him,” said Police Remote Sergeant Mark Berry.

The animal was sent to Darwin where it will be kept for breeding at a crocodile farm. Meanwhile, the trap would likely go back in the water with fresh bait.

“We are looking at leaving the trap here because there’s a large one (crocodile) in the water hole posing a threat to safety,” Berry said.