Rihanna and Drake are doing just about everything to confirm-but-not-confirm their relationship and drive us insane with speculation, but their most recent rendezvous might be the icing on the cake.

In the newest win for Definite Couple Status, tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy—who's also taken a needle to the likes of Justin Bieber and Ciara—revealed #AubRih both got tats by him while in NYC.

Shortly after, we got a look at RiRi's newest addition:

If you're scratching you're head wondering why this shark looks familiar, it's because both Drake and Rihanna have been touting around a stuffed rendition of the marine animal since the VMAs.

Exhibit A: Drake captions an Instagram post in honor of RiRi's Vanguard Award. Please draw your attention to the bottom right corner of the photo where the tattooed shark in question makes his first appearance.

Exhibit B: Rihanna casually lets Sharky (did we just name him?) peek out of her Gucci tote even though we are all aware she knows exactly what she's doing.

We're still waiting on word from Bang Bang (i.e. constantly refreshing his Instagram) to see what's in store for Drake...

COURTESY: Marie Claire