Islamabad - Nomad Art Gallery and Cultural Centre has organised a group exhibition by young artists that started here yesterday.

The young artist Fizza Siddiqui, Hira Shakir, Momina Momina, Samreen Asif and Usman Khalid has presented their art work.

Fizza Siddiqui, a young artist said while talking to APP, “My work shows the pain of refugees and their life those who left their basic necessities behind.”

“It is hard for kids to left their childhood and their belongings, a loss of their shelter which is hard to build. It take years to make that and its getting vanished with the blink of an eye, all their things get ripped apart.”

“There exist many patterns beside our own. All these patterns are interconnected opening different life circles within a circle. My work is an attempt to explore my interaction with these circles as I float and blend within these various life patterns,” another artist Hira Shakir said while describing her work.

A very talented artist Momina said, “I am deaf. I feel art was an integral part of my life since when I was born. It proved to be my mother tongue as I grew up. My interest in abstract art is the result of my close association with my tutor professor Helen Baker during my stay in Newcastle, UK.”

My practice has taken me to develop my interest in “Colour Field Composition” and “Asemic art”. She said.  These artist showed different mediums, patterns, themes and ideas in their art work.

The exhibition will open til September 18, except Fridays.