The current wave of violence in Kashmir has not only highlighted Indian atrocities but has also shed light on the ignorance of global organisations towards protecting human rights. India has always been treated with unmatched leniency and given leeway in all its policies. The US in particular has always harboured amicable sentiments for India. Though talks on Kashmir have been initiated by the United Nations, India has adopted very nefarious ways. As far as negotiations and resolutions are concerned, the United Nations has in the past conducted many successful ones. We have the example of East Timor which became a democratic republic when a United Nation’s sponsored act of self-determination succeeded. Similarly, in South Sudan through a referendum, people decided their own fate. When the international community can all so willingly extend its support in the cases of East Timor and South Sudan why then is Kashmir not treated under those terms?

The recent uprising in Kashmir is the biggest after the one that took place in 1990. The efforts of Kashmiri people should be not viewed under the context of terrorist activity. Tagging the Kashmir freedom movement as a terrorist movement would only strengthen the hands of those negative powers around the world, who are suppressing many innocent voices. Doing so be would also be a violation of the basic rights of the man set under the “Universal declaration of Human Rights 1948.”

The UNO has a comprehensive system for settlement of disputes among the member states. But before organisations take a step forward it is important for them to realise that Kashmiris are an oppressed nation. While the entire world is striving to improve human rights and grant them to every individual, they are being violated in Kashmir every day. Till now, thousands have been injured and many have been killed. Efforts for Kashmir from Pakistan’s side should be supported by rest of the world. Other political differences must be kept aside and only the cause of Kashmir should be kept in mind. The United Nations should abide by its own principles and take complete responsibility for guarding human rights. It should punish all those who violate them so that everybody can live in peace.


Rome, August 22.