KARACHI - The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) London leaders on Thursday rejected all plans made by party’s Pakistan chapter by saying that they will neither accept the “minus-one” formula nor the “resolution against Altaf Hussain. Wasay Jalil, who is in London these days, tweeted “We will not accept minus-one formula on Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain is MQM. MQM is Altaf Hussain. We will not accept any resolution in NA.” Soon after Wasay Jalil, another MQM London leader Mustafa Azizabadi too rejected MQM Pakistan’s plans, even the minor ones, like removing Hussain’s name from party flag. A lesser known MQM leader Qasim Ali Raza openly accused party’s Pakistan chapter of following “Minus-one formula” and claimed that party’s ideological workers will not accept their moves. MQM’s Pakistan chapter led by Farooq Sattar, dissociated itself from the party chief’s statements on August 23 while later announced to remove Altaf Hussain’s name from party flag.

Dr Farooq Sattar also pledged on Wednesday to table a resolution against Altaf Hussain in the National Assembly, condemning the comments against Pakistan, he made in his recent speeches that went public.

Earlier, MQM-Pakistan's Rabitta Committee held prolonged consultation on a possible amendment to the party's constitution, while Farooq Sattar said MQM lawmakers would present a resolution against the party's founder in the National Assembly over his anti-Pakistan tirade.