KARACHI - MQM-Pakistan chief Farooq Sattar on Thursday announced amendment in the party constitution by removing the supervision power of founder Altaf Hussain.

Addressing a press conference at Ghanchi House –a a temporary headquarter of the MQM – here on Thursday, Sattar said that in earlier two press briefings of the MQM-Pakistan after the 22 August incident “we categorically disowned the MQM London Chapter and Altaf Hussain. He said that during the last meeting of the MQM-Pakistan coordination committee on August 31 all the decision were endorsed by the decision-making body that included the removal of Altaf Hussain name from the party constitution. MQM leaders including Amir Khan, Khawja Izharul Hassan, Arshad Vohra, Senator Nasreen Jalil and others were also present on the occasion.

Sattar said that in the meeting it was also decided to include four new members in the decision-making body of the party and as per decision Sardar Ahmed, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Khuwaja Shoail and Rauf Siddiqui were now the member of the MQM coordination committee.

Terming the episode a matter of confidence, he said that the decisions earlier endorsed by the founder of MQM were never brought in the debate by the MQM-Pakistan leadership. Amendments were made with the consultations of the coordination committee and various articles were removed as “we are no more the part or in connection with the MQM London Chapter.”

He also demanded the authorities to release the workers and supporters those have nothing to do with the August 22 incident.

“I am sure that three workers of the MQM women wing who are under detention were not even present at incident site,” said the MQM-Pakistan chief and appealed to the prime minister and Sindh chief minister to release the women workers on immediate basis. “We are ready to cooperate with the LEAs, but illegal arrests of the workers should be halted and space should be given to party to carry on its political activities in city.”

“We have created an opportunity for the people who sacrificed for the county,” said Sattar adding that reformation steps should be admired by everyone. “We are not justifying anything but it is unfortunate that the people were still facing bias even after raising the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad.”

Pushing the people against the wall might result similar incident like August 22, said Sattar and questioned the prime minister, “How many jobs have you given to the local people of Karachi? We have placed our case in front of the authorities and now it is your duty to address the issue of deprived people,” the MQM leader maintained.

Taking about the job quota system, he said in year 2013 it was ended in the province but the provincial government is still carrying out the quota system illegally in Sindh. Karachi received only 9000 jobs out of 0.2 million and even the other urban areas were neglected in the distributions of jobs. He demanded the government to open party headquarter Nine-Zero and Khursheed Begum Secretariat.

It is worth mentioning here that, after a little silence the MQM London chapter publicly opposed the efforts of the MQM-Pakistan that distanced party from Altaf Hussain. Minus-Altaf formula unacceptable, said MQM’s London-based leader Wasay Jalil on social media on Thursday. Altaf Hussain is MQM and MQM is Altaf Hussain, tweeted Jalil along with the expressions that London chapter will not accept any resolutions against Altaf Hussain in the lower house of the parliament. Furthermore another MQM leader Qasim Ali Raza in his statement said that MQM don’t have any status without Altaf Hussain while the MQM-Pakistan is executing minus-Altaf formula. “We are and will remain with Altaf Hussain” said Qasim adding that a few people in Pakistan cannot be allowed to carry out amendments in the party constitution.

Earlier, the MQM Pakistan took the decision to remove name of its founder from the party flag while the decision-making body also reached the conclusion to table a resolution against Altaf Hussain. MQM Pakistan Chief Dr Farooq Sattar said that the "kite" would continue to stay on the party flag since it is the electoral symbol of MQM as per the Election Commission of Pakistan. He informed that party workers have been directed to remove MQM`s flags with Altaf Hussain name from the city on immediate basis whereas a party will also decided to table a resolution against Altaf Hussain in the National Assembly, condemning the comments against Pakistan which he made in his recent speeches.