A Pakistani man was sentenced on Thursday to 33 months in a US prison for attempting to export military equipment for the Pakistani military without a license, the US Justice Department said.

Syed Vaqar Ashraf had previously pleaded guilty to trying to procure gyroscopes and illegally ship them to Pakistan so they could be used by the Pakistani military, the Justice Department said in a news release. He was sentenced in US District Court in Arizona.

Earlier this week, a court in Bucharest expelled a Pakistani citizen from Romania on charges of promoting “extremist Islamism” online, causing a threat to national security. The Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday that the man, identified only by his initials, S.A, should be expelled for 10 years.

Last month, a Pakistani who used to captain the Italian youth cricket team, was expelled from Italy for allegedly plotting an attack in the name of the Islamic State. While in July, a Pakistani man was arrested by German authorities for allegedly spying for Iran on the former head of a group that promotes German-Israeli relations.