“A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is

until she gets in hot water.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt – 1884-1962.

Don’t mistake her empathy for your triumph. Her emotions are her power because it makes her commit herself to her purpose and achieve more than you can ever imagine of achieving. Each time she falls to the ground, she picks herself up and grafts herself together. Her determination is unspoken of and unmatchable. It was this determination that took a young Moroccan shepherd girl on the journey towards being the serving education minister of France. The unshaken fortitude of a young girl who lived the life of poverty in a ramshackle rural area of Mississippi made her become the first African American woman billionaire. Women have always fought battles, whether it was over the equal right to decision making in the household or whether it was the right to vote and stand in elections. In eras dominated my males, writers like Jane Austen have fought with societal pressures with the desire to be read and heard. At the time of the Second World War, it was the women folk who ran industries and tended to the needs of the masses. Circumstances cannot shake her and tragedies cannot break her. She is much stronger than you think she is.