It is really alarming that suicide rates of those individuals associated to the medical profession is increasing day by day. A young doctor, Aneel Kumar, was found dead in the ICU 2 of the surgical wing in the Civil Hospital, Karachi. He was a fresh graduate of Dow medical college Karachi and was a position holder in his class. He was currently working as a house officer.

The list of such tragic incidences goes on. A few days ago a 4th year MBBS student from QIMS College Quetta Cantt also committed suicide. The question is; who do we hold responsible for students’ suicide attempts; Parents, teachers or academic pressures? Medical school studies are considered to be the hardest in the field of academia. A medical student exhausts all his mental and physical capability to acquire his/her education. Every parent wants to see their child as a medical practitioner. Sometimes they refuse to consider what their child carries aptitude for. None of us can truly know how strenuous the routine of a medical student and a home officer is. Pressures come from home and workplaces. Moreover, the behaviour of professors and HODs towards medical students is particularly humiliating. Unfortunately, in our country, counselling services are unavailable in most educational institutions. If students want to vent out their emotions, they do not know who to go to. Ultimately, suicide seems to be the most convenient option.

The responsibility for the increasing suicide rates falls on the government, the society, parents and senior doctors. They also have the ability to bring it down if they correct themselves. PMDC must take serious measures to modify and refine the rules and regulations concerning the educational burden that must be put on a medical student. Counselling services should be made available in all educational institutions. Parents should encourage their children to pursue a career of their choice rather than impose their decisions on them. Medical students should be given a relaxation period once they graduate.


Turbat, August 22.