ISLAMABAD - The first national consultative conference of the PTI Founders Group, recently formed by the party dissidents, will be held in Islamabad on coming Sunday.

Important founders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), its dedicated workers and a few special guest speakers from across the country are likely to participate in the conference, says a press statement issued by the Founders Group.

Akbar S Babar, once a close advisor to Chairman Imran Khan and now one of the vocal dissidents of the party, had announced the establishment of Founders Group on August 17 this year. The group claims "it wants to create an enabling environment forcing restructuring of PTI along its original ideology of change and purge the party of corrupt opportunists that now control the party".

The critical internal party situation propelled the need to hold a national conference next Sunday in Islamabad under the banner of the group formed to put the party back on its original ideology of change, says the statement. It further says that the conference would deliberate on how and why PTI lost its direction and what would it take to revive the fast fading hopes of millions that flocked to the PTI call of 'Change'.

The group stresses that the conference is expected to be a milestone event to develop a political and organizational strategy to force political opportunists and the corrupt mafia that control PTI today to either make way for internal change or be done with.